How to train in person with us

Achieve Your Peak - 6 week Programme

Are your ready feel amazing and join At Your Peak?

  • Do you want to join small group sessions that are fun but effective with maximum benefits?
  • Do you want to have nutritional guidance and be supported by a coach that knows about busy lives and helps you improve your daily habits?
  • Do you feel frustrated with the lack of results? 
  • Are you looking for structure and support?
  • Can you commit to train at least 2 better 3 times a week?
  • Do you want to be a part of our judgement free, supportive, ladies only community?
  • Are you ready, and willing to invest in yourself and your physical and mental wellbeing? 

If this is you, then join our 6 week starter programme.

Here’s what you get:

  • Up to 4 x group training sessions a week for 6 weeks
  • Personalized nutrition + lifestyle strategy that fits into your life
  • Personalized nutrition + lifestyle strategy that fits into your busy life 
  • Weekly check-ins with your dedicated coach for support & accountability
  • Bi-weekly in-depth reviews to see where you need more support and adjust as neccessary
  • Learn how to lift weights safely and effectively 
  • Ladies only, judgement free environment
  • Access to our Coaching App  with educational material and additional support

Achieve Your Peak: 


(from £85/month after initial Kickstarter)

Active 60+ Club
Small Group Training for active seniors who want to stay fit

  • Are you not yet ready to get sedentary and want to be able to keep up with the younger ones in your family?
  • Do you have a few niggles but want to keep moving in a safe but effective way?
  • Do you struggle with balance or coordination?
  • Are you recovering from an injury or need to work around some health issues?
  • Do you feel intimidated by big gyms and rather want to join a group of maximal 4 Ladies?
  • Do you want to meet other like minded-ladies and have a natter while working out?

If this is you, then you should join our Active 60+ Club.

Here’s what you get:

  • Initial Questionnaire and Consultation to discuss your goals, exercise history, eating and sleep habits, injuries and lifestyle.
  • A postural and movement assessment before we start.
  • Your individual exercise plan with focus on low impact movements and building strength 
  • Choice of 1 or 2 small group sessions per week (Tuesdays and/or Thursdays)

1:1 Personal Training

We do offer more individualised 1:1 Personal Training and Coaching. Please enquire if you want to know more about this.

What Our Members are Saying About Trainings with Us

"I feel the difference in my clothes and I am fueling my body in a way that does not feel restrictive"

I was really nervous to start training again as I always had a difficult relationship with food and exercise, and tried different diets that were just not sustainable and always resulted in yo-yoing weight gain and being unfit again. I was concerned that At Your Peak would be no different to previous attempts.

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I’m happy to say that joining At Your Peak helped me to find exercise that I enjoy in a supportive environment, not just from Cathrin herself but also from all the other amazing ladies that join the sessions, it’s fun, but also challenging in the best way, really encouraging me to be my best self. Also, the help with nutrition through giving practical advice on how to include healthy and nutrient dense food into my meals has been so useful, I’m much more aware of what I am fuelling my body with, in a way that doesn’t feel restrictive but well informed in a way that enables me to achieve balance - a much more sustainable approach!

Since working with Cathrin I have lost around 2.5kg and around 25cm across all of my body measurements. I feel a difference in my clothes, and over the last few days have braved trying on some clothes that I put away ‘just in case they fit me again’ — and some of them do! I’m so close to being able to rewear some of my favourite outfits and for me that is a huge win. At Your Peak is such a supportive environment that goes way beyond just the exercising. By taking the leap to get back into maintaining a healthy lifestyle I’ve been greeted by the best group of women who look out for one another and positively challenge each other every day. Cathrin is a real gift to our community by always being so encouraging and giving such valuable advice. 

Laura Burgess/ 28/ Shinfield/ Teacher

"I regained motivation and focus on setting and achieving fitness goals"

Before I started training with At Your Peak, I lacked direction and motivation with my training. I was concerned how I would be able to find the time in my schedule to attend all the sessions I wanted. However I found this not to be a problem as there is a wide variety of morning & evening sessions on offer.  I really liked the Kickstarter as I regained  motivation and Cathrin has helped me focus on setting & achieving new fitness goals.

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I now have a new sense of purpose about my health & fitness journey and look forward to continuing it with the group. I’m feeling stronger and healthier which has had a beneficial impact on my day to day life.

I love the fact that the sessions are always different with a real variety on offer. The gym Cathrin has set up is amazing with loads of equipment. Training in small groups with like minded women has been a really positive and empowering experience.

Hannah Murphy/ 37/ Lower Earley/ Project Manager and Mum of 5yr old twins

"At Your Peak is more than just a gym. It’s a lifestyle change."

I can honestly say Cathrin and At Your Peak has changed my life. I am a mum to a gorgeous little boy however, I have really struggled to lose the weight which has had a massive impact on my physical but also mental health.

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I was so nervous to start going to At Your Peak as I’ve never really had great experiences at the ‘gym’. Well going to At Your Peak is more than just a gym. It’s a lifestyle change. As soon as I joined Cathrin made me feel so comfortable and confident that I could do it. She is now very much my number one cheerleader and for that I am forever grateful.

I have my wobbles, like everyone, but she never gives up on me and just wants to me to do well. The friendships I have made in the classes are an unexpected bonus too.

I always feel so good after going to a class and the help with nutrition and keeping on track of my food is invaluable.

I also have the use of the apps too, for easy booking and also when I can’t make the class, Cathrin creates a home workout for me so I don’t miss out.

I’ve lost weight, but I feel so much more confident and stronger since starting. I’ve got a long journey ahead but I know having Cathrin on my team will only make me more determined to reach my goals.

Emma/31/ Spencers Wood? Event Manager and Mum of a 2yr old boy